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Facebook will go back up to 130 in January

Facebook reported $2B+ net income in the Q3 which is a record for them. However, Snapchat will go public next year and I think Snapchat is definitely the most important competitor for Facebook in terms of brand advertising. I think that context and even native advertising might be less efficient for different brands, conversion rates will go down in long-term.

Key thing will be brand advertising - however it's really hard to measure the efficiency of such advertising. As far as Snapchat has a great audience of millennials - brands want to get even more exposure on Snapchat.

At the same time, Facebook has a great audience, their data analytics and behavioral analysis will help them to segment the audience and understand what they want to see. Moreover I see a significant upside for Facebook when they start monetizing Facebook Live - native video advertising will make brand advertising more efficient. 

Therefore I assume that before Snap goes public next year, Facebook has all the chances to get back to $130. Vote AGREE if you think that FB has some room to grow, vote DISAGREE if you think Facebook's business model is inefficient. 

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Facebook will go back up to 130 in January

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