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Amazon Grocery Stores: True Benefit or Panacea?
27 march 2017

Amazon has already released a video of their cashier-less groceries which attracted lots of attention from top TV channels and shows. Here is their video:

I do like the overall concept, but some obvious and straight forward concerns come to my mind:

  • how great is the Capex of such grocery store?
  • what's the ultimate size of operating expenses, including cloud infrastructure and technical support?
  • who's going to handle the supply&chain and procurement issues?

And many other questions are still open, that's why there is no right answer if Amazon's cashier-less grocery stores is a true benefit for the company of just the panacea of being the leaders in everything. Hit an AGREE button if you think it will definitely improve the company's financials or DISAGREE if you think it won't perform as great as the hype around it is right now. 

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Amazon Grocery Stores: True Benefit or Panacea?

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