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Forecast came false

Will Twitter's stock (TWTR) reach $20 this year?

Traders do hate Twitter because of a few main factors:

  • Its part-time CEO runs two companies and traders think that nobody could succeed running two companies at the same time
  • Twitter's financial and operating metrics need to be improved - they still have negative margins
  • Their business model doesn't work any more - Twitter is full of spammers and it's too difficult to build really useful feed there

From another point of view, Twitter might have a significant upside potential, because:

  • Their audience is still huge and lots of people are still using twitter as a news feed - it's easy to filter news sources to customize the feed
  • Their video live-streaming app Periscope is ground-breaking - when they add native video advertising and let bloggers monetize their efforts, this Periscope will be a rocket

The only problem is that Twitter's stock is in the middle of nowhere - negative pressure prevail over upside potential making the stock too volatile to invest in. I'd better avoid buying Twitter right now if you don't know how to hedge your risks with options. 

Vote Agree if you think that Twitter has all the chances to reach $20 mark this year and Disagree if those chances are too small. 

Upd. Traders are not too positive on TWTR right now - number of longs dropped significantly in November

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Will Twitter's stock (TWTR) reach $20 this year?

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Forecast came false

It was close to $20, but didn't get it in 2016. Perhaps it might achieve this milestone in 2017 - management needs to make a significant step forward to improve the company's financials

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